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  1. Drive off as soon as you start your car's engine. Modern engines don't need much time to warm up, so idling creates unnecessary pollution and mechanical wear.
  2. Draw at dusk....
  3. As the days get chillier, closing your curtains at dusk will stop heat escaping through windows.
  4. Draw at dawn...
  5. As the days get hotter, close curtains to block out the sun and stop it from heating up your home.
  6. Replace ordinary light bulbs with energy saving bulbs that use a quarter of the electricity to produce the same amount of light..
  7. Your mobile only takes a couple of hours to charge, so don't leave it plugged in overnight.
  8. Give your computer a good night's rest too, and you'll save money and CO2.
  9. Power off
  10. The screensaver on your computer uses the same amount of power as when it's on and being used. Switch your PC off if you're going to be away for a while.
  11. Turn your heating down before bedtime saves energy, and once you're tucked in you'll never notice the difference


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