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"The Experience"

Here is a basic procedure for Sellers and Buyers

Sellers    Buyers
  1. Listing consultation with seller with comparative market analysis
  2. Sign the Listing Agreement
  3. Tips on Curb Appeal
  4. Tips on Internal Visual Appeal for pictures on the MLS and for visits by potential buyers
  5. Acquire statistical information on home for MLS and get signed approval
  6. Put sign in front yard
  7. Add lockbox to property
  8. Add Listing to MLS
  9. Advertise and market property


  1. Sign the Broker Agreement
  2. Get detailed information on their desired areas, home style, interior features, etc.
  3. Assist in pre-qualifying procedure
  4. Explain the Earnest Money Process as it relates to the third party financing addenda
  5. Explain the Option Period on a contract offer
  6. Keep your objective in focus – we will concentrate on properties that meet your personal and financial position.
  7. Make the process smoother with an approved letter from the lending institution.
  8. Provide a presentation link of your new home for distribution to your family and friends.

No Hassle Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers

No Hassle Listing...No Hassle Buying

If for any reason we do not provide 100% satisfactory Service, just let us know and we will promise to remedy the situation within 24 hours.  If you are still not satisfied, we will release you unconditionally from the listing agreement with no further obligation.
I am so sure that you'll not only be satisfied, but actually delighted.
I guarantee it...
Call me if you have any questions!

This listing and purchasing activity is subject to change
depending on the unique circumstances of each of my clients

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